The Big Apple #12

There are many words to describe New York City, but for me the most accurate is: SPECTACULAR! From Central Park to the Statue of Liberty and everything in-between, it is just spectacular! My first full day in New York was crammed with sightseeing. I could tell you about the incredible stores, the history, architecture or describe the famous skyline, but my words would not do this city justice. If I am truly honest though, there is just one sight that captured my heart… BROADWAY!

I have watched a great deal of theatre in my life. When shows come to South Africa, I seldom hesitate to travel to see them, but nothing I had ever seen before could compare with the experience I had on broadway. On my second night in New York, I purchased last minute tickets to watch Cinderlla. The stars of the show were Fran Drescher (you may remember her from her hit TV series “The Nanny”) and Carly Rae Jepson. What a magnificent sight to watch these masters in action.

From the moment the curtain lifted, I was dazzled and enthralled. The magic before my eyes left me feeling so alive. I could never have dreamed such beautiful, detailed sets and intricately designed costumes. A presence fell over the entire audience, as they sat in awe of what was taking place before them. Such a beautifully creative form of entertainment, is purely divine. Words are too limiting to describe such an experience. I will always remember the euphoria I felt as I walked back to my hotel that night. It was an experience I will always carry close to my heart.

On my third day, in the USA, I was set to travel to Washington DC. In the lowest temperatures I had experienced in my life, I set out on a shopping excursion, before I was set to leave. The icy wind cut straight through my layers of clothes. Being used to a hot, humid climate, the cold was difficult for me to cope with. It wasn’t long, though, before I was once again drawn in by the magic of this city, and the cold no longer seemed such a great challenge. By midday, I was ready to depart this amazing place, embarking on the next part of my new adventure.

Walking out, through the doors of Union Station, I was met with yet another grand spectacle. There I stood, in the capital city, in complete reverence. Washington D.C had already made it’s impression on me.

New York City

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Empowered Living

Empowered Living.

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The Adventure Begins #11

The writer’s association that I had joined, sent me an email invitation to a conference in the United States. The conference was hosted by that very same publisher that I had hoped to have a book published by. Furthermore, the attendees of this conference were given the opportunity to submit a book proposal directly to the publisher. To me, this was a divine gift that I would not turn away.

Often we are so focused on our daily activities, challenges and issues, that we miss the opportunities that are presented to us. We find excuses not to do what we truly feel passionate about. We choose to believe in limiting ideas about how we must live, and so we become victims of circumstance. On this day, though, I was neither focused on challenges nor issues. I had broken down my old thought patterns and limiting ideas. On this day, I was empowered, and I took a step towards creating my own destiny.

The decision was made. I was going to America and attending this conference. I set about organizing my finances and planning my trip. This African girl was going to make the most of this opportunity, and what an exciting adventure it turned out to be. Starting in New York City!

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Finding My Passion #10

Once I had regained my strength, and started to rehabilitate myself, I began researching avenues to restart my career in education. Every path I pursued shortly became a dead end. I could not seem to integrate all that I had learned and was now able to share, with a career path that stirred my passions.

One evening, I received a text message from a family member describing a particular authors’ experience overcoming cancer. He had recently watched a video in which this author had discussed his experience, and the alternative therapy that he had used. I decided to research this on the internet.

Writing had long been one of my talents and passions. I recall my Grade two teacher asking if I was going to be a writer when I left school. At that stage, my stories were often about six pages in length. I would imagine that my classmates were writing a little over a page.

My search on the internet lead me to join a writer’s association. I remember briefly entertaining the thought of having this authors’ publisher publish my book. It was a goal that seemed so unattainable that I dismissed it almost immediately. Two days later, however, something extraordinary occurred that set me on the path I am today.

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Transcending Suffering #9


“Heaven’s Door” #7

…the throbbing ache in my head started to subside. It was replaced by a sense of peace and tranquility. I felt my body relax for the first time in weeks, and I felt grounded in this human reality once again. It was as if this music had helped me to transcend my pain and suffering. I may never have an explanation as to how or why this happened, but I am eternally grateful for the experience.

My extended recovery period gave me much time to think. I began to find my direction in life. I decided that I wanted to perform a service that would help others and add value to their lives. I wanted to teach again, and I was about to learn what an exciting adventure this desire would lead me on.

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A Slight Deviation #8

It has been far too long since my last blog entry. I left my story at a cliffhanger while I was swept away by an unexpected storm. It has left me bruised and battered with a heart torn wide open. I find myself baring my soul for all to see. This is not a fair explanation for my absence, but one which I hope will be acceptable for the time being. However mysterious this may sound, my experience has left me with a lesson that I would like to share before I continue with my story.

Life is a beautiful gift. The richness of the human experience is perceived through varying degrees of emotional highs and lows. There is so much beauty in our emotions, but we can only see it when we accept them as they are. The difficulty lies in not judging an emotion as positive or negative but rather accepting it as an intricate detail that enriches the human experience.

Our emotions are often influenced by our perception. I will deal with this topic later on in my story.

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“Heaven’s Door” #7

Time progressed and I was still bedridden. Having difficulty moving my body, I began to suffer from periodic anxiety. During an attack, unable to cope with light and most sound, I decided to play a piece of music titled “Heaven’s Door” by Jeff Johnson on my ipad. The most extraordinary thing occurred when I did…

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